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Cocreate a vessel behaviour monitoring programme with The Royal Thai Government

Require STF collaboration with the government to assist in successful investigation and prosecution of vessel fishing violations


By December 2022, the development and implementation of a sustainable domestic and international fisheries compliance programme by The Royal Thai Government enables successful investigation and prosecution (if warranted) of at least 80% of fishing violations identified on Thai-flagged vessels and provides all Member companies of the Seafood Task Force sourcing seafood from Thai-flagged fishing fleet with assurance regarding legality of catch.


Domestic Vessel Behaviour Monitoring & Provision of ToolsAll vessels transmitted on VMS are monitored by DOF & run through OM algorithms to produce alerts of non-compliance.100%
STF Supply Chain Transparency & Validation1 STF member participates in vessel monitoring & validation program. Recommended to refine validation program in future.50%
Monitoring of Small-Scale Vessels60 GSM units installed on small sclae vessels in Thailand to trial monitoring technology for 6 months. Completed in July 2022.100%
Labour AlertsLabor machine learning algorithm developed in 2021. New project to refine & implement algorithm underway in 2022.100%
Foreign-Flagged Vessel Analysis & Provision of ToolsAll foreign flagged vessels requesting to enter port are analysed, & provision of PSM risk reporting tool handed over & completed.100%