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& Structure

In April 2016, the Task Force became a legally incorporated Delaware non-profit corporation organized in the USA as a tax-exempt 501(c)(6) trade association. A formal Membership Agreement, Bylaws, an Antitrust Compliance Policy and Member Guidelines have been approved by the Task Force Board of Directors.

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Our Membership Agreement Requires Commercial Members To:

  • Pay annual dues (excluding Farm and Vessel companies that are permitted to Join for free).
  • Agree to the Seafood Task Force Bylaws that set forth its membership criteria and governance procedures. For details of these documents, please contact the STF leadership team.
Additional body

The Leadership and Secretariat Team is independent of the Membership and is contracted to support activities including but not limited to organizational development and member recruitment, account management, the development and execution of Communications Strategy, supporting time-critical communications with external stakeholders.

To support the Seafood Task Force, the National Fisheries Institute in the US (NFI) provides independent book keeping and accounting services including the preparation of financial reports to meet all requirements and standards. To ensure appropriate levels of independent verification and validation are met and to ensure overall credibility of the Task Force’s work, the Task Force Board has appointed individuals from the NGO community to serve as an External Stakeholder Advisory Group (ESA).