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Launch innovative and scalable STF oversight programme

Require STF Leadership to conduct new, scalable and cost-effective assessment programme for member supply chains


Shrimp: By December 2023, 100% of Seafood Task Force Thai Shrimp processing Members’ supply chains have had social and environmental assessments against STF Code of Conduct by STF Leadership or STF-contracted auditor. Remediation and capacity building programmes for shrimp farm have been launched. 

Tuna: By December 2023, 100% of scheduled vessels in a baseline pilot have had social & environmental components audited against STF Code of Conduct and results factored into development of STF Tuna Audit Framework.

2022 Scores

Shrimp Supply Chain Assessment / Mutual Recognition2590%23
Data Management on Audit Result2580%20
Capacity Building / Shrimp Farm Training2580%20
Tuna Supply Chain Audit Framework1580%12
Tuna Supply Chain Pilot Assessment1014%1