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Implement Innovative and Scalable STF Oversight Program

Require STF Leadership Team to manage scalable and cost-effective assessment program for member supply chains


Shrimp: By December 2024, 100% of STF Thai Shrimp members have had social, traceability, and environmental assessments against the STF Code of Conduct by the STF Leadership Team or by an STF contracted auditor in their supply chains.

Tuna: By December 2024, 100% of scheduled vessels have had social components assessed against the STF Code of Conduct, 100% of members' internal assessment programmes have been evaluated  and results factored into the enhancement of STF Tuna Assessment Program.


Shrimp: By December 2023, 100% of Seafood Task Force Thai Shrimp processing Members’ supply chains have had social and environmental assessments against STF Code of Conduct by STF Leadership or STF-contracted auditor. Remediation and capacity building programmes for shrimp farm have been launched. 

Tuna: By December 2023, 100% of scheduled vessels in a baseline pilot have had social & environmental components audited against STF Code of Conduct and results factored into development of STF Tuna Audit Framework.

2023 Scores

Shrimp Supply Chain assessment30%9528%
Develop mutual recognition programme and data implementation10%758%
Data management on audit result10%737%
Remediation and capacity building for shrimp farmer30%10030%
Tuna Supply Chain audit framework and pilot assessment20%7515%