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Tri Marine's Christa Svensson on Joining STF Board and Championing Tuna Vessel Worker Voice

The Seafood Task Force is well placed to extend its reach across retail and food service in the tuna supply chain says Christa Svensson, Sustainability Program Manager at Tri Marine – part of Bolton Group and leading supplier of tuna and tuna products to the global market.

Newly appointed to the STF Board, Christa says that with over two decades of experience in commercial fishing and processing, she cares deeply about what happens in the seafood supply chain, both for the welfare of fishing communities and for progress towards sustainable fishing. She comments:

“I’ve worked in situations where people are in a great environment and in others where they’re not. That drives my commitment to securing a Worker Voice on vessels and in plants. Tri Marine is committed to creating a global grievance mechanism for vessel owners and fleets, so they can go to a central point for help and resources. In my new role at the Seafood Task Force, I’ll be focusing on Worker Voice, health and safety and responsible recruitment; building on STF’s success in the shrimp supply chain, adapting and developing that for the very different world of wild capture for tuna.”


“Task Force members have shown real commitment to Worker Voice and we are now appointing a Project Manager to further develop that scope of work. We’re also looking at developing an audit protocol, so that brands can implement our audit standards in a uniform way. I’ve been working with STF colleagues to create mutual recognition for other schemes in this area – we now accept SSCI At Sea Operations as a benchmarking platform and mutual recognition of relevant, creditable external schemes is a key driver for best practice standards. It will give buyers – whether first receivers, retailers or food service- the ability to widen their supplier base.”

“I also want to see the Task Force extend its reach and influence in the foodservice sector. For many consumers, foodservice is where they buy their fish, not retailers, so they are a key stakeholder in the supply chain and a vital partner in our drive for continuous improvement on environmental issues and human rights.”

“It’s a privilege to take on this role and I’m thankful for the faith being shown in me by STF members. We’ve achieved a great deal and there’s still a way to go, but I’m really energized by the challenge.”

  • From a commercial fishing family, Christa has fished “using all the primary gear types used in tuna, but for salmon and demersal species rather than tuna”.  She paid for Undergraduate and Graduate school fishing in Alaska and lead category sales and marketing on the West Coast for a major U.S. Albacore tuna processor. She has also worked as a Seafood Processing Fleet Manager engaging directly with more than 100 fishing vessels.
  • Tri Marine is a leading global supplier of tuna and tuna products. The company celebrated its 50th anniversary last year and has been a member of STF since 2017

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the STF or other members of the STF Board. 

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