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Seafood Task Force & Sawang Prachuap Dhammasathan Lead Thailand's First 'Vessel Safety' Training for Fishing Workers

In a groundbreaking initiative aimed at enhancing the health and safety of Thai and Burmese fishermen working on Thai vessels, the Seafood Task Force (‘STF’) has announced the successful completion of a pilot health and safety training program. This initiative has been rolled out for vessel workers in Prachuab Khiri Khan and Chumphon, Thailand and conducted in collaboration with the Sawang Prachuap Dhammasathan Foundation. This remediation program was spearheaded by the STF’s Dr. Rawee Viriyatum, with support from the Thai Department of Fisheries (‘DOF’) to provide suitable training facilities. 

The initiative, which took place from 16 to 18 December 2023, involved 73 fishing vessels and brought together over 75 participants, including vessel workers, owners and port operators.  With a focus on equipping vessel workers from the two provinces with essential life-saving skills, the initiative represents a significant step toward creating safer vessel working environments in Thailand. The Seafood Task Force also gave out a fire extinguisher and a health and safety kit containing first aid stocks and medicine to each participating vessel.

Key highlights of the pilot vessel health and safety training program included:

Comprehensive Curriculum: The training curriculum covered a wide range of first aid techniques, including CPR, wound care and emergency response strategies tailored to vessel and at-sea settings.

Hands-On Learning: Participants engaged in hands-on, practical exercises that simulated real-life emergency scenarios, allowing them to apply their newly acquired skills in a controlled environment.

Expert Facilitation: Sawang Prachuap Dhammasathan, a renowned organization specializing in first aid training, provided expert, certified facilitators who guided participants through the training modules with a focus on practicality and relevance.

Positive Feedback: Participants expressed their appreciation for the program, citing increased knowledge when it came to handling emergency situations. 

Future Expansion: Building on the success of the pilot program, the Seafood Task Force is actively exploring opportunities to expand the initiative to other regions, further promoting a culture of safety within the Thai fishing industry. Four  more sessions are already planned for January and 15-16 March 2024.


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