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Task force Membership is made up of Commercial Members and Non-Commercial Members such as NGOS and advisors

Commercial members ...

Pay annual dues and work together. 

There is an expectation that, where applicable, Membership companies must actively use their relationships with suppliers to encourage broad and deep participation with the Task Force’s in-country efforts. The annual fee covers twelve calendar months from the individual date of joining. Interested Organisations should contact the Leadership Team for copies of the Membership Agreement, Bylaws and Antitrust Compliance Policy and annual fees.

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NGOs and Advisors ...

Are not required to make payment but may make contributions to the Task Force on a case-by-case basis.

For Non-commercial Members, individuals representing this category of Membership have been appointed by the Board of Directors to form an External Stakeholder Advisory Group (ESA). This ESA consists of individuals representing their organizations with valuable technical expertise in the areas of social responsibility, environmental sustainability, traceability and other relevant experience to further the purpose and objectives of the Task Force. 

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